About Nimic

On location with Scott Cam.
Our green screen studio.
Editing Suite
Recording with Neil Oliver.

Nimic Productions was established in 2005. Back then, the iPhone didn’t exist, CDs were still the preferred medium for music and the Internet was slower…a lot slower.

Nimic’s conception was inspired from a dedicated passion and appreciation for media production across all formats. From the original bedroom computers back in 2005 to our current world-class production facilities, our same youthful passion continues. We love creating media that is enjoyed and adored and we relish collaborating with our amazing friends and clients, with whom we share in the exciting opportunities and results effectual media brings.

In 2015, our ten year anniversary, Nimic opened in Sydney. With another location to service our clients across the globe, we are delighted to take on even more exciting projects and opportunities to create amazing multimedia that entertains, informs and inspires.

Let us be part of your future and get in touch to start your next media project.