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Lakeside Tattoo – TV Production

Lakeside Tattoo


Lakeside Tattoo

Lakeside Tattoo, situated on the beautiful Lake Ginninderra, is one of Canberra’s most popular tattoo parlours. With amazing artists, comfortable facilities and a great view, Lakeside Tattoo has been delivering amazing art to those lucky enough to wear it.

Lakeside Tattoo engaged us to produce a television commercial to show off the parlour and everything it delivers within a production concept that was more than just still images and text on a screen.

Being big fans of all art forms, we were really excited to brainstorm some ideas evolving around tattoo art and how we could bring it to life in the television medium. What we came up with incorporated stylised graphics, animated tattoos and a wicked soundtrack to bring it all home.

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ACT Decks – Television Commercials

ACT Decks


ACT Decks

Founded in 2012, ACT Decks have rapidly grown into one of Canberra’s most trusted and respected market players. With a focus on clear and constant communication with their clients, ACT Decks deliver amazing constructions backed up by efficient and reassuring customer service – the perfect combination for anyone needing construction services at their home or office.

To get their message out there and help ACT Decks grow their market share, we produced a series of television commercials and designed brochures to showcase their various services.

To truly convey the life-enriching qualities of an ACT Decks construction, one of the commercials we produced focused on utilising a deck to make the most of outdoor space for both leisure and outdoor entertaining. We incorporated actors and background extras to create a typical outdoor entertaining scenario with a ‘piece to camera’ (industry lingo for someone speaking to the camera) to deliver the commercial’s message within the environment of a stunning ACT Deck construction.

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Murrays Coaches – Advertising Campaign

Murrays Coaches


Murrays Coaches, Busses and Limousines

Murrays are a coach, bus and limousine company with over 2000 vehicles across Australia and New Zealand. With a reputation for efficiency, comfort and competitive pricing, it’s no surprise that Murrays is the transport provider of choice for many of the country’s largest corporations, sporting organisations, travel agents, conference and event organisers, schools, state and federal governments and private individuals.

We have been working with Murrays for many years, providing television commercials, radio commercials, graphic design and on-board information videos. It’s easy to create great multimedia when the business you’re working with is motivated, professional and amazing at what they do. Murrays are no exception.

With a keen sense of brand and market, each production we create for Murrays is targeted and driven by a need for purposeful, effective and engaging multimedia.

Given the size and scope of Murrays various markets across Australia, synchronising various location-dependent advertisements across multiple advertising mediums and national airtime providers, our reliability is another reason why we’re engaged time and time again to manage media production and distribution of behalf of Murrays.

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Phoenix Gym – Advertising Campaign

Phoenix Gym


Phoenix Gym

Phoenix Gym is one of Australia’s leading and most unique Combat Sports, Martial Arts and Fitness Gyms. Phoenix is not a franchise or mainstream fitness centre. They are the real deal.

We have produced a large body of work for Phoenix Gym and have thoroughly enjoyed every project’s unique journey from concept to completion.

Phoenix Gym is always fantastic to work with. With strong goal direction from Anthony and the team, yet ample room for creative input, each project we create with Phoenix has the perfect balance of momentum, purpose and function. We love the collaboration process of ideas and influences and each artist at Nimic relishes being part of the end product’s production process.

From television commercials, website and YouTube content, fliers, fight reels and everything in-between, we are delighted to be Phoenix’s one-stop shop for all multimedia needs.

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