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AIS – Code of Conduct Animations

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is one of Australia’s most important sporting institutions. The AIS builds sustainable winning systems for Australian athletes through research, training and development support. The AIS‘s partners include the Australian Olympic Committee, Australian Paralympic Committee and Commonwealth Games Australia.

We were engaged by the AIS to produce two animated videos around the institute’s code of conduct for its athletes.

After discussing the project, AIS presented us with two unique examples of animation that they wanted to implement into the overall design of the animations. Through storyboarding and creative ingenuity, we were able to meld the two together in a way that was eye-catching while also complying with their branding requirements.

We went with a colourful, clean palette to deliver information easily to the viewer, while timing flow and graphic movement to steadily pace the timeline and keep engagement strong throughout. Special attention was paid to executing smooth, yet dynamic transitions between scenes to visually chapterise script points.

The end product is an engaging and easily digested informational production that delivers on every element contained within the brief and more. It was so well received by AIS, that it is now the new template for future communications between management and the institute’s athletes.