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GEOCON – Safety Induction Videos

Geocon is one of Canberra’s largest apartment developers, covering all areas of construction, investment, conveyancing, sales and hospitality management.

Geocon engaged the Nimic team wanting a refreshment of their safety induction training videos to be used for their ‘City7’ development project in Canberra’s CBD and their ‘Grand Central Towers’ in the south of the city.

Training and informational videos are a specialty of ours at Nimic. They give us the perfect platform to create valuable tools for our clients and deliver them in a clear, concise and visually appealing way – they’re truly functional art.

We began the process by reviewing existing materials, scripting and planning the logistics of filming safely on functioning worksites (including drone filming permissions and precautions). Once all of the boxes were ticked and safety preparations were in order, production began with on-site filming of specialty shots of safety scenarios and aerial drone shots – our go-to toy for fun and amazing views. These included birds-eye animations of the surrounding areas to outline parking and evacuation rules.

While the visuals were being taken of, we started the recording of the voiceover which would narrate the videos. These track was used to then time visuals once ingested into the edit suites.

Some animation and titles were added to break up chapters and deliver broader explanations of certain elements of the safety training.

These elements, all mixed together in our metaphorical production ‘bowl’, came together nicely to produce end products that serves their purpose of both conveying important safety information to on-site construction staff in a visually-pleasing manner and, of course, leaving Geocon happy, pleased and prepared for their development of both City7 and Grand Central Towers.