A1 Dental Care – 3D Character Commercials

We’re proud to announce that this project won a Platinum Award in both the 2018 and 2019 Hermes Awards!


A1 Dental Care

Situated in the heart of Canberra, A1 Dental Care’s reputation for excellence in care and presentation precedes it. When they approached Nimic Productions, looking to boost their brand with a new video campaign, we were set the challenge of representing the high quality of their name in both message and style.
Medical practitioners, especially dentists, can be difficult to represent in any way that may seem glamorous, given the nature of their work. We devised a concept that focussed instead on the feeling that clients experience when visiting A1, highlighting the excellent, almost luxury spa-like mood that a visit elicits.
While animated teeth characters are common amongst dentists, they’re typically designed for child-friendly appeal and to serve as a cartoonish distraction from the dental practice setting. Instead, we used the characters to highlight the services, tweaking common luxury activities such as facials and fashion shopping into something more appropriate for a tooth. Each tooth was given a unique characteristic to represent either a service provided, such as emergency repair, or the clientele, such as local businesspeople.
Almost instantly, A1 began seeing a positive response to their campaign. With a solid creative foundation on which to build, Nimic can now continue to develop the concept further to advertise the myriad dental services that A1 Dental Care provides.

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