Capital Lawyers – Animated Television Commercials


Capital Lawyers

Established in 1998, Capital Lawyers services a range of clients in the ACT, NSW and Queensland in a variety of legal matters including personal injury litigation, conveyancing, commercial disputes, administrative law, business advice and mortgage broking.

Capital Lawyers approached our team looking to create a television commercial for an upcoming campaign. Their goals for the campaign were to promote their brand, services and passion for representing clients who need someone strong in their corner when facing compensation and injury disputes.

The brainstorming process for this commercial was really fun. We love an opportunity to take a message and deliver it in a unique way that stands out from the crowd. Our idea was to animate the commercial utilising Capital Lawyers’ emblem of a knight on a horse and placing it on a board game-style table complete with board game-style figurines of Capital Lawyers, clients in need of legal representation and opposing lawyers.

The concept and message of the commercial worked fantastically well in post-production and it was thrilling to see it come to life. The end product is a commercial that ticked all the boxes for Capital Lawyers and stands out amongst other competing law firm’s advertising. Mission Accomplished.

Check out the commercial.

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