Department of Agriculture – End of Year Video


Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is a federal government department that develops and implements policies and programmes to ensure Australia’s agricultural, fisheries, food and forestry industries remain competitive, profitable and sustainable, and supports the sustainable and productive management and use of rivers and water resources. The department has over 4000 staff working in offices, airports, mail centres, shipping ports, laboratories and abattoirs; located in rural communities and capital cities.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources approached us to film and edit an end of year address with department Secretary Daryl Quinlivan, to be shared online with staff and affiliated bodies. With years of government work under our belt and a reputation for professionalism, the Nimic team were trusted to create and manage this important project for the department.

Filming took place in Daryl’s office. Extra care was taken to make sure the framing was just right for the office’s unique lighting situation and room dimensions. Additional lights were used to highlight and soften parts within the frame. A teleprompter was used so Daryl could read his lines, just like any newsreader presenter, allowing even delivery and flow of the script.

Daryl, being well versed in public speaking and media communications, was a true professional and a fantastic person to work with.  The end result was a clear and concise video message to his department’s 4000+ staff and another government job successfully completed by the Nimic team.

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