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Gym Meals Direct

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Gym Meals Direct are a company that breaks the mould of what is usually expected from a pre-prepared meal. Gym Meals Direct make nutrition packed, preservative-free, fresh meals, scientifically designed for peak performance, muscle recovery and general healthy living. Even the sauces are made fresh with love and care.

Gym Meals Direct approached our team to create a video advertisement to feature on the DigiAurora public display network, which includes 14 gyms within Canberra.

Being vision-only, we needed to pack as much visual information as possible into this commercial through both text supers and general imagery. Attention-grabbing, stylised to be gritty, yet clean and finished with a black and white theme for dynamic impact, the end product has become an effective tool for Gym Meals Direct’s market penetration and has been very well received.

As an extra element to Gym Meals Direct’s advertising campaign’s production, we created a second version of the advertisement to be used for social media. We are delighted to see the interest and engagement this video received and it is a great example of utilising video to connect with people via multiple complementing advertising avenues.

See the final production.

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