Mister Zee’s – Cinema Advertising


Mister Zee’s

Mister Zee’s is a Middle Eastern Charcoal Grill & Café with a modern take on flavours from the Middle East. Set in a casual, relaxed environment located in the heart of Canberra City, Mister Zee’s passion is food and they pride themselves on using quality produce sourced from local suppliers. Whether it’s a quick lunch, dinner before a movie or a catering function for a gathering, Mister Zee’s has something to please everyone.

Mister Zee’s approached us to produce a commercial for their cinema advertising campaign. What we brainstormed at Nimic HQ was a commercial that is funky, casual, inviting and shows off the amazing food and atmosphere that is Mr Zee’s.

Not all commercials need to be complicated to deliver great results. With nicely timed cuts, hand-held style camera movement and some flirtation with the camera’s focus, we delivered a great little commercial that captures the essence of a Mr Zee’s dining experience. We loved making it almost as much as we love the taste of a Mr Zee’s Spicy Moe Kebab (very recommended!).

Check out the result here.

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