Murrays Coaches – Advertising Campaign


Murrays Coaches, Busses and Limousines

Murrays are a coach, bus and limousine company with over 2000 vehicles across Australia and New Zealand. With a reputation for efficiency, comfort and competitive pricing, it’s no surprise that Murrays is the transport provider of choice for many of the country’s largest corporations, sporting organisations, travel agents, conference and event organisers, schools, state and federal governments and private individuals.

We have been working with Murrays for many years, providing television commercials, radio commercials, graphic design and on-board information videos. It’s easy to create great multimedia when the business you’re working with is motivated, professional and amazing at what they do. Murrays are no exception.

With a keen sense of brand and market, each production we create for Murrays is targeted and driven by a need for purposeful, effective and engaging multimedia.

Given the size and scope of Murrays various markets across Australia, synchronising various location-dependent advertisements across multiple advertising mediums and national airtime providers, our reliability is another reason why we’re engaged time and time again to manage media production and distribution of behalf of Murrays.

If you’ve heard of Murrays you’ve probably already seen our work. Find a few more examples of our productions with Murrays here.

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