National Archives of Australia – Animated Explainer Videos


National Archives of Australia

The National Archives of Australia can best be described as the memory of our nation – collecting and preserving Australian Government records that reflect our history and identity.

Under the Archives Act 1983, the National Archives has two main roles:

  • to preserve Australia’s most valuable government records and encourage their use by the public; and
  • to promote good records management by Australian Government agencies.

The National Archives of Australia engaged Nimic to create a series of animated training videos that would illustrate the importance and processes of the department’s use of metadata, and file and document labelling – something very important for their role within government.

We loved the idea of creating multimedia with such importance and dove right into the production process. We were very excited about this project to say the least.

Once scripting and voiceover choice was finalised by the department, we began with voiceover recording. This would become the spine of the projects that the animated content would be built around. A female voiceover was chosen by the department and gave the projects a warm professional feel that carried the visuals nicely.

With the voiceover recording approved and in the bag, the magic of animation could begin. Utilising the extraordinary talents of our animators, we began creating a plethora of visual narration to parallel the voiceover. It’s always great fun to see a project like this come to life. Going for a playful yet clean and professional animation style, the content of the script gained an entertaining and informative edge that would see it become a perfect example of purposeful multimedia.

But it didn’t end there. Once the visuals were locked off, it was back into audio for the icing on the cake – perfectly chosen and synchronised sound effects. We love this stage of a project as our already entertaining and engaging visuals gain another dimension.

After a final mix and exports in a few chosen formats, the National Archives had two great pieces of multimedia art that stuck to the Nimic principles of amazing multimedia that entertains, informs and inspires.

Check out the end results.

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