Richard Mitchell Removals and Storage – 2D Animated Videos


Richard Mitchell Removals and Storage

Richard Mitchell Removals & Storage was established in 1876 and until the early 1970’s operated from premises in Adelaide on Unley Road. Today the company is centrally located within Adelaide in purpose built premises at North Plympton and operates a large fleet of specialist removal vehicles. They also specialise in shipping container storage for all goods big and small.

Richard Mitchell approached Nimic wanting two animations for their website. The first was to illustrate the advantages of their removal services and the second to for their storage services. There was to be no voiceover and all depicted through animation, sound effects and music.

Challenge accepted.

The Nimic team jumped straight into storyboarding. With no voiceover, the vision was going to have to tell a story that would be easily understood by the viewer. This meant careful selection of shots so as to pack as much information as possible without having to stretch the duration too long and lose the viewer’s interest. We chose a fun but simple animation style that allowed for visual impact but not too much detail as to distract from the core messages. Once the storyboard ticked all the boxes, it was off to the animation team to do their magic.

The animation team did a great job executing this project and the end results are fun, informative and deliver the messages clearly. Now it was time for the audio team to do what they do best and make the visuals come to life with a great sound design.

Sticking with the playful theme, the audio team selected two cartoon score styled tracks to emphasise the before and after of a Richard Mitchell Removals and Storage solution. The complementing sound effects made the whole project come to life. It’s always a really fun stage of any production we do.

The end results were two tidy little informative animations for Richard Mitchell Removals and Storage’s website. They were very happy with the end results and we had a blast creating them. Another Nimic Production completed on brief, on budget and on time.

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