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Sauvage Urbain – Kilner

Services: TV Production

Sauvage Urbain is your one-stop shop for all your culinary needs. With every utensil and tool imaginable, it’s hard to visit without discovering something new to use to cook up a storm. With four outlets in Canberra, Sauvage Urbain is never far away from any Canberran’s kitchen and we’re glad of it.

We’ve been producing multimedia for Sauvage Urbain for years and always love seeing what’s next. With great management and clear and concise directions for what is needed in every campaign, we really enjoy the process of taking a brief and making the magic happen so that Sauvage Urbain can continue to do what it does so well.

A recent example of our work for Sauvage Urbain is the Kilner television advertisement. Kilner is a world-renowned British brand known for bringing preserving, pickling and fermenting to the home kitchen. Made from only still images, this commercial is another example of the way we can create productions for our clients with minimal promotional materials.

See the commercial.

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