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Thomas Sabo is a brand that anyone with a passion for fashion knows about. Launched in 1984, Thomas Sabo today has franchises all across the globe and has expanded its product range from charms and jewellery into fragrances, watches and giftware. Thomas Sabo is a global titan in the retail market and more than a few of us in the team own a piece or two from their amazing range.

We were approached by Thomas Sabo’s Australian office to create commercials for their season’s line of charms and bracelets. We were thrilled with the opportunity and looked forward to making something spectacular for such a well known brand.

We were supplied images and video content direct from Germany to edit into three commercials showcasing Thomas Sabo’s range. Through animation, complimentary music and some great editing from our talented crew, we created the commercials that would become the approved standard for Australia’s Thomas Sabo franchise advertising.

Check out the commercials.

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