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We’re proud to announce that this project won a Platinum Award in the 2018 Hermes Awards!


Nimic Productions

Nimic Productions prides itself on its creative and effective video productions for advertising and marketing. One of our key pitches to our clients is that video is a versatile medium rich with the possibilities to create, inspire and inform. We needed to demonstrate this ourselves and create a new piece that communicated the truth of these benefits to any potential clients out there on the web. The pressure was on, therefore, to live up to our own standards.
We have a fantastic response when clients are been able to meet our passionate team in person, particularly our lead sales agent and brand developer, Nick. The choice for direction seemed obvious from there. Harness Nick’s personality and the enthusiasm with which he sells our services and deliver that to our online audience. Not content with a simple interview, we set out to showcase the versatility of our video and animation talents by creating a full animated rig of Nick to showcase our office, staff and services in a visually engaging way with enough humour to encourage its spread across social media.
The result is a fantastic introduction to Nimic Productions which stands apart from the typical showreel. We combined our best offline sales approaches with our range of production talents in order to present our message to the wide market of clients online.

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