Bring your projects to life with our premium animation services. Visually stunning, attention grabbing 2D and 3D Graphics and Animation are a sure way to get your brand and message noticed and remembered. Our highly skilled and inspired artists do more than just create environments to engage the eye; we take a calculated idea and communicate it in a piece of art that is as exciting for your audience as it is for us to create it. Media doesn’t get much more thrilling than an amazingly executed animation.

Get in touch and ensure your next message stands out with Nimic’s animation services.

Character Animation

2D & 3D Character animation

If you’re looking for a team who can create amazing 2D and 3D characters, you’re in the right place. We have created animated characters for businesses and organisations with awesome results, bringing a new layer of life to video projects and presentations.
We can create a character based on existing mascots or logo designs, or start from scratch and produce you something that suits your unique project.
Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Whether it’s on TV, online, in an internal video or more, sophisticated motion graphics add a fantastic new dimension to any video production. Using eye-catching visuals to present your content gives your message life and makes it easier to explain dull or difficult content.
Team up with Nimic and let your imagination run wild. Add some amazing animated pop to everything from your explainer videos and advertisements through to internal communication.


Make a complex message more accessible and captivating with an animated infographic. A Nimic Productions infographic is the best way to present heavy data or abstract ideas in a visual way, boosting viewer engagement and information retention.
The popularity of infographics, particularly online, has led to proven benefits in boosting the success of any message, allowing for better education while encouraging sharing across social media.
Logo Animation

Logo Animation

So you want to make your logo come to life? Animate it!
Our team of animation experts can take your logo and turn it into a dynamic representation of your organisation to wow your audience and help you stand out from the crowd.
Perfect for bookends for presentations, videos or in-house digital signage, your logo will look amazing and your brand will be more powerful for it.
Visual Effects

Visual Effects

Explore the impossible with the help of our VFX artists. Nimic can enhance your message with the subtlest of special visual touches through to bringing the wildest of imagery to life.
Let Nimic add a touch of movie magic to your brand by adding incredible computer generated elements to a scene or cleverly put some extra magic touches into your video to make it stand out with the presence that it deserves.


With a talented post-production team, advanced animation and compositing software and on-site green screen studio, we can give your message the visual brilliance that it needs.
From talking-head videos to building a completely new scene straight from your imagination, Nimic can take you through the entire design and production process to deliver that stunning video that you’ve dreamed of for your brand.
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