Cinema Advertising

Being a collective of passionate multimedia enthusiasts, there is only one thing we love more than watching movies on the big screen – watching our clients’ cinema advertising captivating an audience. We cover all aspects of cinema advertising. We can create your advertisement from concept to screen, alter an existing advertisement to be compliant for cinema screening (including DCP format creation) and distribute your production to any cinema across the globe.

The cinema environment has an amazing and valuable effect on its audience with viewers immersed by the large cinema screen and surround speaker arrangement. A cinema is also a great environment for positive brand association as cinema-goers are in a relaxed and positive frame of mind, anticipating the film they are there to see and enjoy.

42 per cent of consumers who are moviegoers have a stronger emotional attachment to film than to major televised events, TV shows, magazines and radio. The impact of such advertisements is also high with an average of 71 per cent total awareness of show-time advertising and 88 per cent correct brand association.


Using a biometric belt to measure skin sweat, heart rate, respiration and motion, two different sets of audiences were shown a one-minute advertisement for Best Buy. The group viewing the advertisement in a cinema setting showed an increase in engagement by 32 per cent within the final moments of the advertisement, when the brand was revealed.

NCM Media Networks and Innerscope Research

Research demonstrates that cinema has a key role to play in amplifying an advertiser’s screen strategy, delivering engagement, impact and cut-through at a level no other media can match. The research proved that cinema generates 6 times the impact of TV, 6 times the ad memories of TV and 6 times the engagement of TV.

Australian Online Research

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) Mastering

Here at Nimic, we can provide a fast and reliable DCP mastering service so that we can deliver your commercial to cinemas nationwide in a proven format. Nimic takes care of your material every step of the way. We provide 5.1 audio upmixing for existing material, verify our packages using the same tools as some of the country’s biggest distributors and can facilitate booking and delivery with cinema advertising networks saving you time, money and stress.

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