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Here at Nimic, we love making corporate videos for our many amazing clients. Utilising our many years of experience, talented staff and state of the art video production tools, we are trusted time and time again to produce corporate videos that are more than just information or a brand – we create corporate videos that capture attention and inspire action.

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Corporate Videos - Training Videos

Training Videos

Utilising video to train staff or customers is the most effective way to convey important information in a clear, controlled and concise method. Your training video can be used across any video medium and be shared anywhere in the world.

Whether it be skill training, occupational health and safety, emergency protocols or a ‘how to’ guide for your business’s product, here at Nimic we will create the very definition of ‘effectual media’ whilst capturing the attention of your intended audience through our team of passionate creative professionals and impressive production resources.

Corporate Videos - Video Addresses

Video Addresses

Nimic prides itself on filming and producing video addresses that get a message heard.

An effective way to control a message’s content and ensure professional execution, a video address enables any organisation to deliver the message they want, exactly how they want it, in an easily shared format.

With a seasoned production team to film, edit and add animation or graphical content to your video address, you’ll tick all the boxes of great communication in a format that allows mass coverage and viewer flexibility.

Corporate Videos - Events

Event Videos

Need to film your next event? Or looking at adding some multimedia to make your event stand out from the rest? We’re here to do it all. We’re trusted across the country to capture events for both posterity and as a means to share informational content in both web-friendly and hard copy formats.

We can insert subtitles, images and video within filmed productions to create a concise and effective multimedia tool for your organisation.

Our event video clients have included:
Royal Financial Partners – Camevents – The Lefand Groups Annual Property Summit – Various State and Commonwealth Government Departments

Corporate Videos - Product Information Videos

Product Information Videos

Whether it’s ‘what it is’, ‘how it works’ or ‘how it can be used’, a video for your product is a great way to show the world everything it needs to know.

We love creating product videos. Being able to have full control of what is conveyed with the ability to be as creative and interactive as you like, means you have a platform to engage and inform any audience to the benefit of your product.

Corporate Videos - Presentation Multimedia

Presentation Multimedia

An effective, informative and entertaining presentation is difficult without amazing multimedia to support it. From powerpoint presentations, videos, infographics, charts and tables, whatever the multimedia tool required, we have created it before here at Nimic.

Make your next presentation your best yet and utilise the limitless multimedia capabilities of our professional and inspired team.

Corporate Videos - Get in Touch

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