Drone Video

Take your video or photography to the next level – literally, with Nimic Productions’ drone video and photography services.

Captured in breath taking 4k, our aerial drone video and photography will give you a bird’s eye view of buildings, properties and infrastructure from a perspective that will blow your mind.

The difference between what can be filmed or photographed from the ground with standard video and photography equipment and what we can capture from the air with our intelligent and precise drone capabilities is massive. We can capture subjects that are stationary, or with our smart tracking capabilities, follow a subject on the move – all from the big blue sky above.

Nothing screams epic and professional like a drone shot within a multimedia project. For structures or subjects that are on the larger scale, without a drone, there is no alternative to gain the amazing perspectives we can deliver.

Whether it’s a television commercial that needs that inspiring shot to tie a concept together, a real estate video to show off a property, or a Government video to capture a department’s infrastructure or project’s progress, we can deliver drone video and photography that will convey the subject and amaze the viewer – the sky is the limit.

Need aerial shots for 3D rendering? You’ve come to the right place. Our multimedia production advisers and drone pilots will work together to make sure you’re getting the shots you need to complete your 3D project with outstanding results.

Don’t let the restraints of gravity hold back your next multimedia project. Get in touch to find out more about Nimic Productions’ drone video and photography services.

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