eLearning is a method of delivering part, or all of a training course, whether it’s for an educational institution, business or Government department, via electronic tools such as multimedia or online software.

Here at Nimic, we love creating easily understood, informative and entertaining eLearning packages for both private businesses and Government clients.

We understand the importance of eLearning and how it has dramatically changed the landscape of information sharing. With eLearning, you control the content – ensuring perfect continuity of message and ease of delivery.

There are so many added benefits of using eLearning for resource management. With eLearning, you can deliver engaging, self-paced courses that are well received by viewers and easily updated for future amendments and course changes, anywhere in the world. You’ ll save on staff and facilities. It enables you to take your course global with just a simple click of a mouse.

Call Nimic today and take advantage of our dynamic team of multimedia experts to open up the many possibilities eLearning can bring to your business, educational institution or Government department.

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