Graphic Design

Graphic Design - Illustration

We pride ourselves on stunning designs for print, publications, signage, stationery, and any other graphical platform where only the best design will do. We create outstanding designs with one objective in mind – results.
Get in touch and take advantage of our arsenal of inspired and creative graphic artists to design your next project.

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Graphic Design - Inforgraphics


So you want to show a lot of information in a tidy, visually spectacular design format? Sounds like you need an infographic.

A very popular way to show information that is more than just a graph, table or statistic, we think info graphics are awesome and always enjoy creating them for our large and diverse range of clients.

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Graphic Design - Reports

Report Design & Print

Here at Nimic, we believe that a report is more than just collated information. We believe that a report is an opportunity to take important information and deliver it to an audience in a well thought-out, beautifully designed package that becomes a pleasure to view and an asset to the distributor.

Our team of designers can deliver you a report in any style, theme or format. We love getting creative and have a wealth of knowledge for you to utilise to make your next report your best yet.

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Graphic Design - Stationery


Stationery adds a whole new level of professionalism and expression to a brand when coordinated correctly. The smell and feel of brand new, amazingly designed stationery puts a smile on anyone’s face.

We here at Nimic can design and print business cards, pamphlets, flyers, pens, notepads and more, to make your organisation one that exudes confidence, professionalism and pizazz.

We thoroughly enjoy the process of designing and producing great stationery products so get in contact to find out what we can do for you.

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Graphic Design - Decals

Decal Design & Installation

Decals are a great way to turn an ordinary wall or window into a powerful tool for self-promotion, information delivery or a slick professional appearance.

We love the process of designing an image and then seeing it come to life as a work of purposeful art. We can guide you through the whole process from design to installation, with results that will make you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Get in contact to find out how a Nimic decal design and installation can elevate your place of business.

Graphic Design - Logos

Logo Design

A logo is more than a graphic. It can be the make or break of an organisation’s public perception. It’s for this reason that we are trusted time and time again to work closely with businesses and organisations to ensure their logo not only looks amazing but serves a integral purpose as a silent spokesman for your brand.

Have an existing logo that you want to re-brand? No problems. We can take your existing logo and breathe fresh life and expression to better suit your current and future direction.

Get in touch and find out how our design and branding experts can make your logo current, powerful and purposeful.

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