ACT Decks – Television Commercials


ACT Decks

Founded in 2012, ACT Decks have rapidly grown into one of Canberra’s most trusted and respected market players. With a focus on clear and constant communication with their clients, ACT Decks deliver amazing constructions backed up by efficient and reassuring customer service – the perfect combination for anyone needing construction services at their home or office.

To get their message out there and help ACT Decks grow their market share, we produced a series of television commercials and designed brochures to showcase their various services.

To truly convey the life-enriching qualities of an ACT Decks construction, one of the commercials we produced focused on utilising a deck to make the most of outdoor space for both leisure and outdoor entertaining. We incorporated actors and background extras to create a typical outdoor entertaining scenario with a ‘piece to camera’ (industry lingo for someone speaking to the camera) to deliver the commercial’s message within the environment of a stunning ACT Deck construction.

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