Plonk – Jingle and Animation

We’re proud to announce that this project won a Gold Award in the 2018 Hermes Awards!



Plonk are an independent distributor of alcohol in the Canberra and surrounding region. They are well known for their large range of national and international beers, wines and spirits – many of which large liquor store chains do not distribute.

Plonk approached the Nimic team wanting to advertise on television in a way that was as unique as the brands they carry – instead of the usual product/price commercials that are the norm for alcohol retailers.

We were limited in that we could not show individual brands or labels – to not show favouritism or affect brand relationships with the many suppliers Plonk does business with. However, as the Nimic team always does with a challenge, we rose to the occasion and came up with a concept built around a musical ‘chant’ which would incorporate the diversity of range, fun and occasion of their products. This ‘chant’ featured percussion made with beer, wine and spirit bottles, champagne pops, bottle lid openings and one timpani drum – the only non-alcohol related ‘instrument’ in the entire composition.

The song is head-turning and catchy. Even to the non-viewer, it conveys the crucial information – that is the core of the advertising campaign. With the animations that accompany the music theme, branded in Plonk’s logo illustration style, we achieved a fun, head-turning, catchy and memorable television advertisement. The end product is as unique as the brand offerings that Plonk delivers to its audience – and all in a tidy 15 second package.

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