Audio Production

A sound studio with experience, professionalism and amazing results – sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?
Whether it is Film, Documentaries, Broadcast Programs, Radio Campaigns, Television Commercials, Corporate Videos or On-Hold Messages, our team of audio professionals have you covered. Our passion for audio is a cornerstone of why we’re trusted both nationally and internationally to make every project we manage sound amazing.
With experience in cinematic release, broadcast on major networks including PBS (USA), BBC UK, SBS, ABC, Channel Ten, Channel Nine, Channel Seven and National Geographic, international DVD release, and national radio broadcasts, you can rest easy knowing your project will sound great.

  • Broadcast Production/Post-production mixing
  • Television/Radio Commercials
  • Voiceovers (browse)
  • On-hold/Phone system messages
  • Jingles
  • Music Composition

Audio Post-Production Mixing

A great audio mix is the difference between a mediocre project and a professional one. Audio clarity, loudness management, and effects and music layering are all parts of a mix that, when not handled correctly, can let a project down, or in some cases end in flat out rejection from certain broadcasters and end users.

With experience in over 40,000 post-production mixes, from on-air broadcasts to public art installations, our audio engineers know what is needed to deliver an amazing sounds on every medium.


Nimic Productions has written and produced thousands of voiceovers for our clients over the years. We have a huge network of national and international artists in every age group, style and accent imaginable. From documentary, film, on-hold messages, radio and television voiceovers to character voiceovers for animations and other creative projects, you can be assured we have the voiceover talents and audio engineers to narrate whatever your need may be.

Get in contact to find out more, or browse our range of artists here. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? No problems. Let us know what you’re after and we’ll source it through our network.

Explore some of our Voiceover samples.

Music Licensing

Unless you’re using royalty free music or have written and recorded it yourself, chances are you are going to need license sourcing and approval for your project’s soundtrack.

We can take all the stress and time out of the process for you. From chart music to production music, we can source it, get it approved and licensed and make sure your music usage is legal across all formats and domains. Whether it’s advertising, film, internet, on-hold messages, DVD or cinema, you’ll have all bases covered with Nimic’s music licensing services.

Stereo to 5.1 Audio Conversion

If you need to convert your audio from stereo to 5.1 surround sound, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s for a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) or for a home or public surround sound setup, we can take your stereo audio and convert it to the correct format so you don’t need to remix or waste any time worrying.

On-Hold Messages

An excellently produced on-hold message can do wonders for your organisation. From directing calls, informing callers about your organisation and services to just making the on-hold experience more enjoyable, Nimic can source, record, mix and deliver an on-hold message that will serve a meaningful purpose and sound great.

With a huge range of voiceover talent, flexible and robust music collection and sound engineers who know how to make it all come together, a Nimic on-hold music production is exactly what you’re after.

Video Production
Graphic Design
Corporate Video
Web Video