Video Production

Video is everywhere. Whether it’s your television at home, local cinema, smart phone, Facebook page or a bookmarked cat channel on YouTube, chances are you are watching videos everyday.

There’s good reason for it. Video is more than just entertaining – it is captivating. Over thousands of years, the human eye has evolved to respond to movement. What used to be an integral trait for survival is now one of the primary reasons why video grabs your attention and holds it more efficiently than any other medium.

Video has the ability to convey a message that is easily received and digested, delivering a huge amount of information in a very short time – the perfect combination for effective communications.

Every video is a story and whatever your story may be, we will tell it together and share it with the world. It’s what we do.

Utilising our state of the art production facilities, equipment and passionately creative minds, we produce videos that entertain, inform and inspire.
Simply put, we love video, we love making videos and we are excited to have the opportunity to make your next video.

Get in touch and find out how we can make the powerful tool of video yours to wield.

TV Production

 Who doesn’t love a great television commercial? There’s a reason all the big names use television advertising – and that reason is results.

Find out more about our TV Production services.

Government Video

 We are highly experienced in the creation of Government video and audio productions for Federal, State and regulatory bodies.

See our Government Video experience.

Corporate Videos

We produce corporate videos that are more than just information – we create videos that capture attention and inspire action.

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Web Video

If your business is looking for a better way to engage potential customers online or directly on their devices, you need web video.

Find out more, and how a Nimic Web Video can help your brand.

Cinema Advertising

We can take your brand from page to screen, make an existing ad fit on the big screen and distribute your work to any cinema globally.

Get your brand on the big screen with your own Cinema Advertising campaign.

Compliance and Distribution

We take care of your project at every stage to make sure that your broadcast media is on-specification and delivered with confidence.

Get in touch to find out why we are trusted across the globe with meeting broadcast standards.

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